Who We Are

The Bundy Biotechnology Lab is led by Dr. Bradley C. Bundy, an Associate Professor of Chemical Engineering at Brigham Young University. His research lab focuses on Cell-free Synthetic Biology and Protein Engineering


Peer-reviewed Articles Google Scholar Profile 2018 Yang SO, Salehi ASM, Earl CC, Tang MJS, Hunt JP, Smith MT, Wood DW, Bundy BC. 2018. Biosensing Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors in Human Blood and Urine: A RAPID Cell-free Protein Synthesis Approach. Toxicology and


Cell-free Protein Engineering Research The Bundy Biotechnology research lab studies the expression and engineering of proteins for biocatalysis, vaccination, drug-delivery, and medical diagnostic applications. Cell-free Synthetic Biology for Protein Engineering What is Cell-free Synthetic Biology? Proteins—polymers of amino acids—are a major


 We love what we do; we want to share it! From presenting at conferences to teaching middle school students how to build yeast reactors, Dr. Bundy’s lab loves getting involved in the community and inspiring the next generation of engineers!