For the young, old. and everyone in-between.  These demos are great for classroom instruction, a lazy summer day, or your next science fair project.



Heat & Mass Transfer Demos

Below, you can download instructions and posters for 47 different hands-on demonstrations which use multiple senses to teach fundamental Heat & Mass Transfer principles. A basic understanding of Heat & Mass Transfer is an essential for Engineering, Physics, and Chemistry careers. These demonstrations were prepared by Dr. Bundy’s ChE 376 Students and presented to hundreds of K-12 students as part of BYU’s 2011, 2012 and 2013 Engineering Week. These demonstrations were prepared with the educator in mind and the cost and preparation time was kept to a minimum. Also one of these demonstrations could be adapted into a science fair project. Thank you to DOW Chemical for donating funds used for the development of these demonstrations.

Enzyme Biocatalysis Demos

Through funding provided by the National Science Foundation CBET Division (Awards: 1254148, 1115229), Dr. Bundy has worked with graduate and undergraduate students to prepare and present hands-on biocatalysis educational demonstrations. Demonstration instructions and corresponding Poster/PowerPoint slides specifically tailored to K-6 grade students or 7-12 grade students are below.